What You Need to Know about Feminized Hemp Seeds

In the past couple of years, the popularity of CBD products has increased. The main reason for the increased popularity has been due to the many health benefits associated with CBD. Since hemp CBD does not have THC, more people have a preference for hemp CBD. Therefore, more farmers are investing in hemp cultivation. When it comes to choosing hemp seeds, however, you need to look for the right seeds.

For many years, feminized seeds have always been used for better yields. When it comes to hemp plants, feminized seeds are also used. By planting feminized hemp seeds, the farmer will get exclusively female hemp plants. This results in faster growth of the plants while flowering occurs faster as well, giving more CBD yields. In hemp cultivation, however, your outcome is based on the seeds used.

But why should you consider feminized seeds for hemp CBD production? You will enjoy more benefits when you use feminized seeds. Some of the benefits will include the following.

  1. Minimal wastage. In case you plant the normal hemp seed, 50/50 will be males and females. Your mature plants will be about half females and half males. However, the male plants are exclusively for pollination rather than CBD content. Therefore, they will offer nothing during harvest. This will result in wasted time, space, water, and money cultivating male hemp plants with female hemp plants. To reduce wastage, however, you should consider using feminized hemp seeds. This is because you will have a guarantee of high yield CBD production. As a result, you will not waste your resources such as water, money, time, and space.
  2. Less work. When you plant male and female plants, you will eventually have to remove the males. It will, however, be very difficult identifying the sex of plants and the process would be time-consuming and tedious. If you leave even a single male hemp plant, your female plants will be at risk of being pollinated.

Once a female hemp plant gets pollinated, about 50% of its mass could be lost. Also, the plant would lose its flower set while the CBD concentration would go down. As a result, you reduce your profit margin. By planting the feminized seeds, you will not have the task of removing the male plants.

  1. Maximize resources. Just like reducing your work when you plant feminized seeds, there better utilization of resources. Male plants will just result in wastage of water, time, and your fertilizers. When you plant female-only hemp plants, your resources will be directed on the best use instead. Find out more at https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/julie-daniluk/hemp-seeds-health_a_23569711/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAGyvKGhMpiXFOzf6UDT9TDuZKZ579uRnnfcisZlG9Fs3GSUjJj09yA8TbjdUQbtuq_BlfieN3XLc5ITfUAP9eCoOv43XiPNRgakXCnJg-nf2vpFbu2MmsO0UHaPArrAxZEyp3yG5n2jMx6jDVnZ2wHlDDlXWkNLzP0QOwLf3lM_q.

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